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Chapter 9

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 32

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Chapter 31

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ActionMartial arts

Chapter 106

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Chapter 105

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Chapter 97

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Chapter 96

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Chapter 59

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Chapter 58

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Chapter 78

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Chapter 168

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Chapter 167

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Chapter 120

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Chapter 119

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Chapter 76

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Chapter 75

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Chapter 102

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7 days ago
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EdanBLSucks big time on  Fortune-Telling Lady
The story is amamaaaaaaaazing!!!!

But don't follow this fuc**** translator. It stopped uploading chapters and will keep your story incomplete 
Search for .... A Fortune-Telling Princess
That one has up to chapter 50+ and keeps updating every week 
CalinusRocks on  Gamaran
Very good
MakeShiftRocks on  Musician Genius Who Lives Twice
So far so good 2 chaps in know so yea at first I did not know if it would be worth buy it is actually worth a try or the wait. Throughout my time reading manga this is one that I can say has good artwork a good start and big chapters so far meaning 1 chapter is like 3 avr other manga chapters so not short chapters
SwishyMeh on  No Reason
🥲 where did I dwelled my eye's in 🥲
Carineb91Sucks big time on  40 Made ni Shitai 10 no Koto
Annoying to discover that after 2 chapters, the scans are about another totally different manga
SerenityRocks on  Oh! Lord Jesus
Jace09Rocks on  Musician Genius Who Lives Twice
So far so good everything is good the story, art, plot, characters and everything.
The only thing lacking is the number of chapters other than that everything is fantastic, amazing, wonderful...
HawksRocks on  Paladin's Eden
I really loved it, it's so unserious and funny
But if you don't like bl who is religious related. Don't read it. That all i have to say
SucubbussqueenSucks big time on  SECRET RELATIONSHIP
The bottom once again like in most bl manhwas is useless , a pu*** , doesn't stop getting himself in trouble and neither does anything to get out of it , regardless if he could literally just asks for help he doesn't and then we have three diferent tops 2 that are red flags and disgusting and a cute one that keeps on seeking for the ukes attention but the only thing he gets is stress and another trauma to talk with the therapist 👁👄👁💅🏻💅🏻 this manhwa sucks , I've read half of it and gurl I can't anymore , we aint progressing we only get the same bullshit and at this point I don't even sympathise with the bottom he's useless and deserves all of the stuff he's going thru CAUSE HE IS LITERALLY DIGGING HIS OWN GRAVE AND THEN BARING HIMSELF ALIVE, so yeah dropped for good