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Chapter 172

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monstainyaclosetSucks big time on  Jinx
sh** fuc**** sucks and anyone who likes it is a weirdo 😭
Au__inRocks on  The Baby Saint Wants to Destroy the World!
The art is great, the plot is great, everything is great so just trust me and read it
Core NichijouRocks on  Don't Mix Business with Pleasure!
Please don't miss out on this one, PLEASE!!!!
If you've finished reading killing stalking kind of psychological bl just at the moment and need a chamge of scenery to satisfy your mental state then please read this one.
The wanna be red flag seme and the calm but clueless power bottom energy author-nim uke are both so sweet~~
No seriously though like after reading a bl where the seme literally cooks the uke and eats him to show his love, this one literally saved me.
Core NichijouSucks big time on  Yours to Claim
Author's making it unnecessarily long
LilTotsRocks on  The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly
SO WHERE IS THE RESTTTTT??? might die if there is no more updates
srmimiPretty good on  Happy of the End
Really good, not my fav, would reccommend
DadSucks big time on  Too Deep in Love
If you pay attention I don't have to explain my rating😂😂
KimRocks on  Ore no yubi de midarero. ~Heitengo no saron, ijiwaru ni jirasarete
I love this literally, it has a nice story and it's not only about having s3x and shi
opassandeRocks on  Escape into Oblivion
This was truly different and kept me on the edge of my seat through out. 

It gave nothing away ahead of time. I was brimming with theories and expectations, but they always turned out to be wrong. Mostly because of the lack of common tropes, I think. But perhaps also because it seemed like the story wasn’t meant to ”entertain” me? Almost like, this story needed to be told and I was given permission to tag along. 

It was an absolute unexpected treat. It’s only two seasons and every page is cleverly thought out. As the story progresses even the use of colours becomes a part of slowly revealing what’s truly going on. The ending felt a bit abrupt at first, but even that turned out to be true to form.
CyphergenicPretty good on  Troll Trap
Very shonen. 

The influences are worn very openly. If you are a fan of battle shonen, def give this a read. Interesting abilities and people behind them. 
The art isn't the most amazing, but what it lacks in beauty, it absolutely makes up for in its unique style and the character design. Some of the story is only surface level plot, but that doesn't really drag it down. It's a fun story for if you just wanna read something entertaining. The characters are very unique and goofy, and it's a fun universe to imagine. 

If you're into shonen, def read.