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Hey Boss, I Am Your New WifeChapter 160HOT

Big Boss Only Remembers Me After He Lost His Memory / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Gets Amnesia / Boss Only Remembers Me After He Has Amnesia / D Lo Shy Hu Zh Jd W / / / Dillon, a captain at Eastern Airline and heir to the Alba Consortium Grou

Grand Duke, It Was a Mistake!Chapter 56

, Grand Duke, It Was a Mistake! accidentally kidnapped the grand duke I have a one-sided love for!I ended up accepting the grand duke's proposal to have a contractual relationship in return for fixing this issue, but."Vivian. May I kiss you?"Huh? Are

Virtual World: Close Combat MageChapter 320HOT
ActionMartial arts

Due to a mistake on his student's part, a super Martial Artist received the wrong class in an online game and has become a mage. He, who was used to curbing violence with violence and using strength to subdue strength, could only make the best out of

It’s Up to Us to Fight the TyrantChapter 21

College student Jaeyeon gets hit by a delivery bike. She dies and reincarnates with her memories from past life. As a nanny of a little princess, she somewhat gets used to her new life Except that she suspects the five-year-old daughter of the tyrant

The Villain’s Sister Suffers TodayChapter 51HOT

The Villain's Sister Suffers Today / The Villain's Sister is Suffering Again Today / / I was killed in a car accident while trying to avoid a stalker. Is this a reward for dying a miserable death? I was reborn as a character in a novel that h

Please Be Gentle, My Bossy Uncle!Chapter 379

The killer queen has got a chance to live her life again, but two things scare her One is when master Jue flirts with her. He is so hot that she has no idea how to turn him down! The other is master Jue's huge cannon. The moment she gets close, the f

Marshal Is Jealous EverydayChapter 302HOT

Marshal Is Jealous Everyday manga summary: An arrogant and stubborn lady is dead, a revived 21st-century medical genius into her body. Medicine is excellent, the heart is pure. Facing her parents-in-law is unfriendly, her husband is not in love, and

Dragon MasterChapter 164
ActionMartial artsShounen

On this continent, all creatures had a chance of evolving into dragons. It was said that every life had their own Dragon Gates. After crossing it, they'd become like the sun and moon in the sky, dazzling gloriously. That also applied to humans. Human

Queen, You Mustn’t!Chapter 56

Read manhwa Queen, You Mustn't! / !There hasn't been a queen like this before! The strongest monarch in Babel's history called the God of War, God's Daughter, Aroha Fenril Astrofortus! After her return from concluding a seven-year war, she finds th

Martial PeakChapter 21622HOT
ActionMartial arts

The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one.In the face of adversity,you must survive and remain unyielding.Only then can you break through and and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples

Beast BurnChapter 29

Cha Hyun Sung, a boy who lives a painful life, was once brutally killed by unidentified beasts. Opening his eyes, he sees himself, resurrected from the dead, and the girl Song Ka-yeon, who hunts animals. In a battle between beasts and humans, Hyun-so

Save Me, PrincessChapter 64HOT

The spoiled princess sets out to save the kingdom! Along with her ex-boyfriend? Claudia, the spoiled princess of the Kingdom of Porto, lived a peaceful life. Her older brother was going to be king, while she going to marry a handsome prince. She had

MokrinChapter 28

Can love transcend all boundaries? The 200-year long peace in Mokrin's island tribe is broken when the warlike Fiendbloods arrive to demand open borders. What's more, Eonyeong, the son of their chieftess, falls hopelessly in love with Mokrin. Now it'

Some Hairy BusinessChapter 47HOT

Who knew dating could be so hairy? After waking up from a night of drinking, Yeonhee is shocked to find herself in the bed of the hottest guy at school, Saeksi Ahn! And apparently she gave him a Brazilian wax?! Saeksi gives her an ultimatum tell eve

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’T Protect The DungeonChapter 229HOT

His only purpose was to protect his master. And yet he was powerless to protect her. But fate has more in store for him as he gets another chance to protect his master once more and change his destiny.

It Seems Like I Got Reincarnated Into The World Of A Yandere Otome GameChapter 80

As a precocious child, Lycoris suffers from a strange sense of dj vu. On the day her father told her about her fianc, she realizes that her fianc was actually a character from an otome game she once played in a previous life."I am the heroine's rival

Your Eternal LiesChapter 50

Read manhwa Your Eternal Lies / Rosn Walker was jailed for murdering her husband at the age of 17.Having crushed the pride of the Imperial Army with two jailbreaks, she is captured again a year later and is sentenced to life imprisonment.On a boat

Shimeji SimulationChapter 43

From the Shoujo Shuumatsu/Last Girls' Tour Mangaka.A poetic, surreal yet heartwarming 4 panel series about the everyday.

Record Of RagnarokChapter 76HOT
ActionDramaMartial artsSupernatural

The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope fo

I Seduced The Deceitful DukeChapter 13

I am a capable guild member. My mission is to disrupt Duke Berry Winter's wedding"This marriage can't happenbecause I'm carrying the blood of a duke"The wedding ceremony began to stir under my words. If the situation continues like this, the wedding

Liar (Juri Hakamada)Chapter 128

A fated meeting in spring leads Narita Misao on a rollercoaster of manipulation, love, and lies.

I’M Just An ImmortalChapter 249HOT

In this era, people are always reincarnation, but I Lin Fei, depends on being immortal. I have lived for hundreds of million years, just to find my beloved ones that I lost for a million years!!

Release That WitchChapter 489HOT

A male engineer transmigrated into another world, and became a prince. This place strikingly resembles the Middle Ages of Europe, but at the same time, it seems kind of different? Witches truly exists, and they even possess magic powers! Magic powers

The ExChapter 158

Love, is a war. An "ugly" girl who was cheated by her boyfriend received a mysterious phone call. Strangely, the other line said that she is 35 years old, and that she is her, from the future! In order to change her, she wants to teach her the law of

The Secret Life of a Certain Count’s LadyChapter 27

The Secret Life of a Certain Count's Lady manhwa, "Lirian, the forces of evil are ravaging this world. We need a strong knight to destroy the spirit of evil that is approaching us. A righteous and strong knight! And the knight that's you, Lirian.

From the Serpent's EyesChapter 50
WebtoonsDramaRomanceShounen ai

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The Player That Can't Level UpChapter 104HOT

Kim GiGyu awakened as a player at the age of 18. He thought his life was on the track to success, climbing 'the tower' and closing 'the gates'... But even after clearing the tutorial, he was level 1. He killed a goblin a day, and he was still level 1

Faking It In StyleChapter 114

Suah is a petite, red-haired designer who leads a drama-free life until one morning, she wakes up tied to a chair. The man scowling down at her is none other than her roommate's scary older brother, Seung-hyun, the owner of the apartment she's been l

To You, Who Keep The StarChapter 116

The reason why we shine even in the dark reality is that we have different stars. Our growth that shines like a star, and romance

While I’m Back in Time, I’ll Get My RevengeChapter 31HOT

While I'm Back in Time, I'll Get My Revenge manhwa, , Now That I'm Back I'll Get My RevengMost people would consider getting a second chance at life a blessing, but Arnell Radfell is furious when she wakes up to find herself back in the past. Terr

How to Get Rid of My Dark Past?Chapter 56

Reina, the only daughter of the Duke of Solei, who wears an eye patch in one eye and a black dye dragon on her left arm. The problem was that there were so many dark history committed To make matters worse, even the ones who knelt down and made me sw

The True Wife’s ScenarioChapter 57

Former theater actress Asumi gets married to Ryouhei, and she does everything to support him on his way up to becoming a popular screenwriter. But a rift forms between them as she toils away at housework and child-rearing, and he gets busier with wor

Elena Evoy Observation DiaryChapter 95

Everyone had no doubt that Johnan would be the top student at the Academy. After all, he possessed a face blessed by God, a friendly personality, and was talented in both sports and academics. However, the position was taken by someone else. "Miss El

Your Majesty, Please Don't Kill Me AgainChapter 88

It was the end of a sunny summer day.In the hands of the tyrant, father, mother, brother and my neck went under the guillotine.And when I opened my eyes,it was my 12th birthday.Before the 13-year-old young Emperor became a brutal tyrant, I had to som

The Devilish Duke Can’t SleepChapter 72HOT

Read manhwa The Devilish Duke Can't Sleep / Duke Kahel Luave, the unlucky duke, who cannot keep one servant by his side because of the devilish nature that charms men and women of all ages. Meet Lena, a maid with a rare constitution where devilis

Is It A Fortune Or Is It A Woe?Chapter 107

Description : Somehow, before the appearance of the female lead, I became the male lead's temporary wife. Since things had already turned out this way, I decided to try my very best. However "It's so fortunate that someone like you became Cedric's pa

Dungeon AthleteChapter 34

Dungeon Athlete manhwa, , Health Dungeon , Game of fitness , Dungeon Fitness The World's Strongest Person, Hansol, lost his consciousness while deadlifting, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a unfamiliar world where he could see the

Records of the Swordsman ScholarChapter 62HOT

Records of the Swordsman Scholar manhwa, [From the studio of Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint and The World After the Fall] Scholar Woon Hyun enters the palace after passing the Imperial Examination. Though he soon comes to lament his poor and miserabl

A Wife’s Sweet RevengeChapter 84HOT

Dayoung Kim happily donated her liver to her mother-in-law, but all she got was betrayal in return. Her husband's whole family nefariously used and abused her, kicking her out before she even fully recovered from surgery. They went on with their live

Murim Rpg SimulationChapter 74
ActionMartial artsShounen

A scout in the infamous Demon Cult, Seolhwi is on a routine patrol when his squad unexpectedly encounters a fearsome master of the Mount Hua Sect, the sworn enemies of the Demon Cult. Without warning, the Mount Hua Cult master slaughters the entire s

The Strongest Lvl1 SupportChapter 31

"Even if I can only use primary healing skill, I still want to become the strongest!" The LV1 healer boy and the weakest God's chosen girl started their journey with the goal of becoming the strongest. However, the Young man did not expect that this

Pure Love IncubusChapter 134

"I've come to take your virginity." One day, a man appears before cool, insomniatic office worker Koume. He's haughty, but his looks are exactly her type. He calls himself an incubus and states that he's come to take her virginitybut something about

The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk (The villainess caruna has become a child)Chapter 69

The Evil Girl Karuna Has Shrunk, The villainess caruna has become a child, Karuna wants to make a woman named Clayen the prince's fiance.A negative crisis is coming. But the well-prepared villain Karuna is magical.I took medicine, and thanks to

I’ll Resign And Have A Fresh Start In This WorldChapter 31

The main character, Lee Soo, lived an ordinary but happy life.Five years ago, he suddenly loses his parents, and becomes a devastated man, as he struggles every day.When he was exhausted from the suffocating daily life, a portal opened in the room. A

I’m the Only One Who Knows That Jobless Is the StrongestChapter 4

Dungeons have been appearing in the world for the past few years. Hunters, the cornerstone of clearing dungeons, each have a job with its own traits and abilities. The one said to be the weakest among all of them is "Jobless". It has neither traits n

FrayChapter 46

Add more firewood if you don't want to turn into ashes" In time of desperation, he have flames that can kill demons. However, the flames make its master a demon who desires ashes


Qin Li began his ten years cultivation in silence after his parents went missing. His marriage with the lady of Chu was more like a disaster. Now, he has completed his cultivation. He's ready to start a new journey the way to counterattack!

Lord of WarChapter 75

Zhan Tiandi, with her younger sister, has been banished from his family at a very young age. His mother also dies because of his merciless and unfaithful father. Ten years later, a man known as "King of War" returns to the city Ocean East. He and his

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