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I became the youngest prince in the novelChapter 46

The Flosimar Chronicles of the Hero, a novel about the failure, not the success, of a warrior. "That sucks." The emperor who had swallowed up the world closed his eyes and closed the book with a brief thought. But the moment I opened my eyes again, t

I’m a Fake Saintess but the Gods are ObsessedChapter 82

I reincarnated into the body of a fake saintess who will die when the real saintess appears five years later. If I were to gather the monthly allowance given to the saintess I can at the very least buy a building! But while I was carefully setting up

The Gangster Baby of the Duke’s FamilyChapter 39

Read manhwa The Gangster Baby of the Duke's Family / My name is Leonora Hachania.I'm the daughter of a minor extra villain, but I have a great desire for power. I can't leave the Hachanias as insignificant as the original!"Cloudy to the left!""Do

I Will Take Responsibility for the Welfare of the Male LeadChapter 101

Read manhwa I Will Take Responsibility for the Welfare of the Male Lead / I possessed a character in the novel I'd been writing for nearly a year. About a wicked woman destined to die a horrible death within two years time. "Is this the price I hav

Superhuman EraChapter 184

Unknown monsters have appeared on Earth, alongside Superhumans' who appear to dispatch them. With these mysterious monsters and superhumans, a new Superhuman Era' begins!

Lady BabyChapter 213

Calliope has suffered through nature law and many accidents. Her family was murdered and an ongoing war ended her life, but she traveled back in time to when she was born?! While Calliope slowly grows, will she be able to figure out who killed her fa

Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!Chapter 41-2

Sato Takahiro was an ordinary office worker and hobbyist gamer until the day he woke up on a spaceshipone that strangely resembled a craft from a favorite space-shooter game. With a decked-out ship, a crew full of babes, and a fantastic universe to e

Temple of the Dragon KingChapter 251
ActionMartial arts

This series is adapted from a novel on zhulang site. Lin Qinghan's grandfather (her father's father) is facing an imminent danger. His relatives disregarded the stability of Lin conglomerate and used various despicable means to inherit properties own

Haiiro No OnmyoujiChapter 25

Sabatora, a boy whose parents were killed by Kuremy?, works as an Onmyoji for the Public Security Bureau to get revenge. His only comfort is Kyue, a Kuremyou who lives with him. Kyue, who has lived with Sabatora since he was a small child, is a kind

My Guildmate Next DoorChapter 41HOT

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Trapped In A Cursed Game As An NpcChapter 50

I'm going to live a normal life!...said Shari Azriel, the apothecary of the Dover village.Then one day, I realised that I possessed an NPC in a video game! I've been locked up here for two years, and I only just noticed.If I can't get out of the game

Atari Nikki - Onnanoko ni Nacchau HanashiChapter 14

A boy's older brother gives him a potion that turns him into a flat-chested school girl.

OnikirimarudenChapter 29

A demon boy who lacks horns on his head wields the cursed blade "Onikirimaru", the one weapon that can slay a demon, in a never-ending battle with the demons that haunt Japan during the age of the samurai.Behind the stories of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi

A Story About a Hero Exterminating a Dragon-Class Beautiful Girl Demon Queen, Who Has Very Low Self-Esteem, With Love!Chapter 27

Iver is a dragon maou who stopped trying after historical heroes defeated her every time she resurrected. But the present day hero, Mirio, who found the holy sword by pure chance falls in love with her. And thus forms the couple of the maou with no s

Steal the Child of the Terminally IllChapter 32

Read manhwa Steal the Child of the Terminally Ill / I'm Trying to Steal Even The Child of The Terminally Ill / The Stolen Child of the Terminally Ill Mother . They're Trying to Steal the Child of the Terminally Ill / "Are you going to leave your c

National School Prince Is A GirlChapter 478

Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online world of an alternate world. Having reincarnated into the body of a woman and being forced to disguise

Temple of dragon kingChapter 251

Temple of dragon king summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Temple of dragon king. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

Youngest Chef from the 3rd Rate HotelChapter 98

Kang Sunghoon, the youngest member of a 4 star hotel kitchen in Korea, has the ability to memorise different kinds of ingredients. However, as the youngest, he's still unable to escape dishwashing duty

It’S Time To Change The GenreChapter 99

I reincarnated into my favorite genre for novels.I became the villainous aunt who mistreats the young protagonist. I felt sorry for my nephew who would grow up as the protagonist in a revengeful plot, so I'll try my best to take care of my nephew unt

I will escape from the flower of ordealChapter 36

Read manhwa I will escape from the flower of ordeal / I was exhausted from reading the script all night and fell asleep, but it was about a kimchi fight, a secret birth, and an amnesia. I suddenly possessed Cha Ye-ryun, the villainous girl from the

Trapped in a Cursed Game, but now with NPCsChapter 50

Read manhwa Trapped in a Cursed Game, but now with NPCs / Trapped in A Cursed Game As an NPC / NPC I'm going to live a normal life! said Shari Azriel, the apothecary of the Dover village. Then one day, I realised that I possessed an NPC in a vide

A Beast Swallowed by a FlowerChapter 26

"A wolf only keeps one female by its side, Lisi." Iris was called the flower of the Whitlow Duchy, but in reality, she lived a life no better than a weed. The man named Caverant Green, who deliberately approached her to live a comfortable life again,

Dungeon OdysseyChapter 90

The descendants of mankind, born in the labyrinth and raised on the milk of monsters, possessed special strength and strong bodies. When they returned to earth, mankind referred to them as dungeon babies. Among them, Kim Jinwoo was born in the deepes

The Fake Saintess Awaits Her ExitChapter 59

I possessed the body of Yvelina, a fallen saintess from a romance novel I read before I died.I'm a fake saintess who's about to be burned at the stake.I can't die like this.Until the real saintess appears, I must fix my relationships with the male le

God killerChapter 29

That year, the world changed, the game came to reality and the demonic plague began to wreak havoc. To fight it all, everyone had to choose their classes and upgrade frantically to become stronger. Some chose the noble Master of Law, and decided on E

The Guild Member Next DoorChapter 41HOT

After suffering from a stalker, Yoon Ji-gu becomes extremely wary of people. Just in time, a man with a strange sexual orientation moved into the neighbor's house...?"Looks like there's a pervert living next door..."In reality, Lee Yeo-woon and Yoon

The Youngest Child of the Family Is Preventing the World From EndingChapter 21

Read "The Youngest Child of the Family Is Preventing the World From Ending" for free at Story line of "The Youngest Child of the Family Is Preventing the World From Ending":"The stupid youngest one, the one who doesn't know how to do anything, but ca

Arctic Cold WarChapter 3

The Ice Age apocalypse is coming. After being betrayed and killed by my secret crush, I was reborn and gained a magical ability the snacks I ate suddenly turned into plants? What's surprising is that this ability can be used in this way Crisis is ev

I Really Don’t Want To Learn Forbidden SpellsChapter 45

I admit, there must be some kind of cheat code for time travel. But seriously, What Kind Of Novice mage only knows dark forbidden spells'? I'm human, not a demon lord! Anyway, forbidden spells, they're really something!

Starting As The Black Dragon Boss, I Am InvincibleChapter 17

Useless Professional Binds with the Strongest Part-Time System, Transforms into a Black Dragon BOSS Crushing Everything!"

The Unbeatable Dungeon's Lazy Boss MonsterChapter 46

Deep within the most infamous dungeon, the 'Primordial Core', lives the worst boss monster of all time. Its the story of the struggle of a boss monster who just wants to rest.

Yamu ni Yamarenu!Chapter 1

This is a heartwarming (physically) story about a former great sage who reincarnates in modern Japan and gets overwhelmed by a Japanese yandere knife.

Million Times Attack SpeedChapter 68
ActionDramaMartial arts

After being reincarnated into the Tianwu Continent, Ye Yun activated the Multiverse Devouring System and received the reward of a million times attack speed in the beginner's gift package. From then on, he became an invincible powerhouse! As the sayi

THE LAST MAN (Italian)Chapter 16

A mysterious boy lies naked and unconscious on the street. The story begins when ninth grader, Ai Oomori, and his third grader brother, Seigi, find him. This boy has no memory of the past and doesn't even know his real name. He is like a little baby.

SarumaneChapter 1

Despite the food shortages caused by famine, the mountain village where the protagonist Kai lives is able to pursue a somewhat better life than others by hunting wild animals. However, one day, a man who says he got lost in the mountains comes to the

1 Million Times Attack SpeedChapter 68
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

After being reincarnated into the Tianwu Continent, Ye Yun activated the Multiverse Devouring System and received the reward of a million times attack speed in the beginner's gift package. From then on, he became an invincible powerhouse! As the sayi

Hardcore Leveling WarriorChapter 354

"Those who clear quests, shall receive everything." An RPG adventure with HCLW and his allies, set in a lucid reality.

Mr Devourer, Please Act Like a Final BossChapter 46

[By the studio that brought you Solo Leveling with Redice studio!]The era of dungeon raids has finally arrived. The Seven Great Evil Dungeons the seven strongest dungeons that are considered impossible to conquer. Deep within the most infamous dungeo

Sorry, my skills are automatically maxed out!Chapter 20

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordi

Helmut: The Forsaken ChildChapter 72

Helmut The Forsaken Child manhwa, [By the studio that brought you ]Helmut was a child who had been abandoned in the Magic Beast Forest at birth.Raised by Magic Beasts, the first human that he met was the Sword Saint Darien.Little did Helmut know that

Starting as the Black Dragon BOSSChapter 17

The game has turned into reality, the era of the changing classes came!Su Yang changed his class and became a simple warrior.But unexpectedly, he discovered that he had turned into the Level 99 Black Dragon Boss as well?The first time he tried to con

I’m Not a RegressorChapter 42

One day, a silver-haired goddess appeared before me. [The star of the heaven rebellion. The one who goes against fate. The only savior of a world that is fated to end.] Woman, what are you even talking about? [You are the regressor, huh?] What? I'm n

Return of the SSS-Class RankerChapter 109

Return of the SSS-Class Ranker manhwa, Lokan was the King of Violence' who reigned as the strongest in the virtual reality game, The Lord'. Unfortunately, the assassination order issued by an enemy guild caused him to lose everything. To his surprise

The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A CatChapter 433

An old man was hit by a truck and found himself reincarnated as a cat.

Critically-Endangered Species Hacchin-PamosChapter 22

The Hacchin-Pamos is a critically-endangered species. Let's find out why.A daily comic series from Q-Rais.

Hiding Out In An ApocalypseChapter 7

Three years ago, a doomsday prepper named Park Kyu, who predicted the world's end and prepared for it in every way possible. As he expected, one day, a nuclear attack on Seoul led to a global nuclear war, resulting in an unprecedented apocalypse.Desp

Kimi janakya Dame na Dorei ShoujoChapter 30

I protected a slave girl from another world. She wants to do everything for me, but she doesn't understand when I tell her that there are no slaves in modern Japan. The common sense and concern for each other is confusing, but an embarrassing and fun

Heavenly Demon Cultivation SimulationChapter 127
ActionMartial arts

A group of scouts have been assigned to the area of the Mount Hua Sect by their great leader, The Mantis.'The protagonist Seol Hwi' faces the Hua Sect Master Goo JongMyung,' and falls in mortal danger.A status windows then pops up and made him return

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