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A Dangerous Lie

Dangerous Lies, 위험한 거짓말

Authors : Arahwi , Dopara

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Josei , Romance

Chapters: 4

Last update: 19 days ago


Chae Yi-seo, a woman who distrusts men and lives alone, and Han Do-jin, a man who deceives himself for revenge."Let's take it lightly and just use each other." Two people who don't want to marry someone they absolutely hate, only have a passionate relationship when other people's eyes are on them! "I do not remember? "We decided to be friends." However, the dangerous man who should never be trusted suddenly changed! Yi-seo is confused by Do-jin's sudden declaration of friendship and at the same time becoming crazy friendly to her. "You can be on guard. "But let us be friends in the end." Can we trust this man's unpredictable lies?Dangerous Lies,