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Born with the Weakest Job, I Worked My Hardest to Become the Strongest Tamer with the Weakest Skill: Fist Punch!

Fuguushoku "Tamer" wa Saijaku Skill "Seikenzuki" de Musou suru ; Fuguushoku "Tamer" wa Saijaku Skill "Seikenzuki" de Musou suru - Shounen wa Hard Mode no Jinsei wo Doryoku de Buchiyaburu ; Né avec le travail le plus faible, j'ai travaillé dur pour devenir le plus fort des dompteurs avec la compétence la plus faible : le coup de poing ! ; Mit dem schwächsten Beruf geboren, habe ich hart gearbeitet, um der stärkste Dompteur mit der schwächsten Fähigkeit zu werden: Faustschlag! ; Родившись с самой слабой профессией, я работал изо всех сил, чтобы стать самым сильным дрессировщиком с самым слабым навыком: Удар кулаком! ; 不遇職『テイマー』は最弱スキル『正拳突き』で無双する ; 不遇職『テイマー』は最弱スキル『正拳突き』で無双する 〜少年はハードモードの人生を努力でぶち破る〜; Born with the Weakest Job


In this world, all humans are born with a job, a set of skills, and a base status. However, our protagonist, John Leetle received the short end of the stick and was born with the Tamer job and blessed with only one skill: Fist Punch; Both are considered to be the most useless bestowments one could receive. One day, by sheer coincidence, he manages to tame a baby Fenrir he found in the woods, and names it Ferryl. Having made his first friend, things were finally looking up for him. However, it appears Misfortune still haunts him closely, as a grim fate befalls his friend...