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CLAYMORE [クレイモア]


Read Claymore mangaShow is set on a fictional medieval island where people are harassed by Yoma, humanoid shape-shifters that feed on people. A cryptic group, called The Organization, creates human-Yoma hybrid vehicles to kill Yoma for a fee. These female warriors wear uniforms that are armored.Main character in Claymore mangaClaymore and Yoma warriors likewise are powered with a demonic energy, Yoki, allowing shape-shifting extreme strength and. The action of awakening is likened to the sensation of sexual climax while both female and male warriors existed in days gone by hence the development of male Claymores ceased completely and only the girls proved to be successful warriors.The isle world is divided with one warrior delegated to each. Claymore warriors No. 1 through 47 are rated on their service line Yoki possible, strength, agility, wisdom, feeling and leadership. A warrior's status falls and climbs based on the warrior's strength in terms of other warriors. It's not clear when the possibility lies within the warriors or whether the warriors strength comes from training/expertise.Along with all having distinct names, most warriors (typically full of status) further their identity by possessing an original sword technique, fighting style, or yoki power. A couple of fighting styles include: releasing a blast of yoki to get a brief fit of speed, fighting with two swords, and extending the arm. For yoki skill, there are quite precisely in close quarters and many Claymores who are able to feel yoki over vast spaces. This seems to be, while not attacking, a precious and very uncommon skill as well as the Claymores in the Organization with this skill are generally highly rated. Additionally, there are four Claymores which have attacking techniques which are yoki. The first is Galatea's power to command her adversaries yoki for short intervals during conflict, generally to cause the assault to lose of the enemy. The 2nd is Teresa's: her power to feel yoki is not really weak that she is able to feel her adversaries body being moved around by it how and when her enemy would attack next, and will thus feel, a technique afterwards reproduced by Clare. The next skill is the fact that of Raftela who's in a position to control movements and the eyesight of other Claymores. She's used as an anti-warrior warrior.Claymores would be the titular characters of the show.People would be the most numerous and politically dominant species understood in both the Mainland as well as the Island.Yoma are beings that feed on blood and human flesh. They are able to shapeshift into human form which allows them to dwell among people. They are created by the Organization by sending them to the North while the daughters are sent to the East to become Claymores and rounding up orphan sons. The outcome is a Yoma.Yoma have rate and strength beyond individuals and will regenerate damaged bodies at unbelievable rates. Yoma in their authentic state have gold cat like eyes, razor sharp teeth and claws, muscle, elongated limbs and torsos, blood that is purple and grey, purple, brown or green skin.Other manga:+ UQ Holder Manga+ Tenkuu Shinpan manga