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フリージング (Japanese); 結界女王; 零度战姬; 零度戰姬 (Chinese); 프리징 (Korean); นักสู้พันธุ์พิฆาต (Thai); انجماد (Arabic)


In 2065, Earth is at the center of a war with additional-dimensional aliens called Nova. The armed forces develops and trains Pandoras , daughters that can make use of special genetic tissue called Stigmata (Seikon) To show superhuman fighting weapons systems and skills. Supporting the Pandoras are male partners called Limiters , who use particular "freezing" powers to restrict their competition's freedom.Any of these limiters is Kazuya Aoi, whose late sister was a Pandora. Kazuya meets a strong Pandora, Satellizer el Bridget, nicknamed the Untouchable Queen, on her callous style and her extreme aphephobia while attending West Genetics Academy in Japan. Despite warnings from his schoolmates to steer clear of Satellizer, she is befriended by Kazuya, and requests to be her Limiter. Satellizer consents to associate with him, even though she soon falls upon a competition in love affair named Rana Linchen, who believes Kazuya is her soul-mate after supporting her through several fights against college opponents of changing positions and courses. When the Novas assault their college utilizing Pandoras under their control to gain access to the institution 's underground laboratory, their competition is put away.Satellizer and Kazuya join a few of West Genetics pupils into a laboratory in Alaska, where they may be to assist together with the Evolution Pandora (E Pandora) task, allowing normal women to get Stigmata transplants to become Pandoras. When one among the E Pandoras goes berserk, the the others issue whether the medications in the experimentation are not dangerous, but are made to obey the wishes of the business organization as well as the manager. Upon finding that until they have been expendable, they're to be utilized, the E-Pandora Amelia Evans directs a revolt which escalates into a full on Nova Clash.Kazuya learns more about the links of his family to the Nova as well as the Pandora. Kazuya's grandpa Gengo Aoi found the same job, which sets Rana and Satellizer in to a unique team with women called Valkyries. Nevertheless, throughout the demonstration activity with customdesigned Nova that is dummy, delusions are experienced by the Pandoras, as well as the dummy Novas become a legion of 100s of Nova that decimate Genetics. Gengo counters this by unleashing the Legendary Pandoras who are the aunts of Kazuya. The Chevalier effort to assassinate Gengo employing several convicts called the Busters, when a few of the Legendary Pandoras change into lethal Novas, but the assignment falls apart.