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I Want to Be a Big Baddie

我要当个大坏蛋 ;I Am Going to Be a Bastard; I Have to Be a Great Villain ; I Want to Be a Scoundrel; I'm Going to Be a Great Villain ; I'm Going to Be a Villain; The Wicked Want to Rescue ; The Wicked Wants to Rescue ;Tôi phải trở thành một kẻ đại xấu xa ;Wo Yao Dang Ge Da Huaidan; Wǒ Yào Dāng Gè Dà Huàidàn; 恶人想要抢救一下; 我要当个大坏蛋

Authors : Chen Guojian

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Comedy , Webtoons , Shounen ai

Chapters: 139

Last update: 7 days ago


A true villain needs to be ruthless, evil, and self-destructive! After torturing the protagonist to hell and back, they will exit the scene fabulously with a bang as their work is done.Wang Yi was determined to act that kind of villain. Unfortunately His male lead could read minds. (:)*)"You mongrel!" Mr. Yi chuckled as he looked down on the novel's male lead.Suddenly, a thought bubble filled with cute emojis ( ) with the words "You're so cute" appeared in front of Qin.Qin: ?