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I will escape from the flower of ordeal

μ‹œλ ¨μ˜ κ½ƒμ—μ„œ νƒˆμΆœν•˜κ² λ‹€; I Will Escape From The Flower Of Ordeals

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Manhwa , Romance

Chapters: 41

Last update: a day ago


Read manhwa I will escape from the flower of ordeal / I was exhausted from reading the script all night and fell asleep, but it was about a kimchi fight, a secret birth, and an amnesia. I suddenly possessed Cha Ye-ryun, the villainous girl from the drama Flower of Ordeals', which is full of all kinds of absurd situations. "I will protect you, Cha Ye-ryun." "If I can't go back to reality even after the drama ends, then I will be you." Cha Ye-ryun only has one goal. Avoiding her unfortunate ending where she has to spend the rest of her life in prison. In this drama, for a happy ending for the heroine, Han Seo-ri, the villain, Cha Ye-ryun. Slowly the colors of this macabre drama will show its true colors . "who are you?" However, the condition of Park Eun-woo, the sub-male lead in the play, is suspicious. He, who should have sacrificed himself for the heroine Han Seo-ri, keeps hovering around Cha Ye-ryun . Will she be able to overcome the unfortunate ending and escape the Flower of Ordeal?