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Lonely Playground

Ronrii Pureiguraundo ; ロンリープレイグラウンド ; 孤单乐园 ; 론리 플레이그라운드

Authors : Dayoo

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Yaoi , Mature , Drama

Chapters: 11

Last update: 2 months ago


Keisuke works in a Chinese restaurant near a train station. He has a type for sophisticated-looking salarymen who pass by their shop. One rainy night, his co-worker pushes him to offer an umbrella to an office worker seeking refuge under an overpass. Upon going there, Keisuke is surprised to find that said office worker is crying. Keisuke then learns that the office worker, Yukifumi, is abandoned by his partner. Said partner was already married while their affair lasted for seven years. He also learns that the reason Yukifumi is waiting under the overpass was in hopes of someone else coming along. Seeing a chance to hook up, Keisuke offers himself to Yukifumi. But when Utsugi, Yukifumi's ex-lover, shows up the next day, things become more complicated for everyone involved.+