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My Prince Needs Saving!

Twist of Destiny ; Save My Prince ; Saving My Crown Prince ; Saving My Crown Prince The Royal Highness ; 余命わずかの皇太子を助ける方法 ; 拯救我的皇太子殿下

Authors : Comijoy

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Webtoons , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy

Chapters: 35

Last update: 24 days ago


Abigail Canler lived a life of tragedy, helpless as she lost her loved ones and the world was destroyed. When time rewound, she swore to take revenge and alter history. But how? Tangled in the strings of fate, she meets the captivating asura of the battlefield, who also happens to be the cursed crown prince that met an early demise in her past life! Together, they hold the key to saving the world, but he's destined to die in three years! Is history doomed to rewrite itself, or will she succeed?