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Plaything: The Grand Duke's Boytoy

Plaything ; Plaything - Das Spielzeug eines Großherzogs ; Plaything - The Toy of a Grand Duke ; Plaything : Le jouet du Grand Duc ; Plaything ~ Món Đồ Chơi Của Đại Công Tước ~ ; Plaything ~어느 대공 각하의 장난감 ; Plaything(플레이싱)~어느 대공 각하의 장난감~ - 봄툰 ; Plaything/成为某大公阁下的玩物 ; プレイシング〜とある大公閣下のおもちゃ〜 ; 攻受颠倒


A robust and naive mercenary, Ilrick, accidentally killed the son of the leader of his unit, who was after Ilrick's body. After he believed that he had successfully concealed his crimes, Ilrick received the summon of an unexpected individual. With flowing silver hair, the individual was the most handsome man Ilrick had ever seen in his life- the Grand Duke of Miros. The duke graced a chillingly beautiful smile on his face as he spoke to Ilrick. "Isn't it only correct for you to be the one asking me to fu** you up?"