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Red and Mad

๋ ˆ๋“œ ์•ค ๋งค๋“œ

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Manhwa , Romance

Chapters: 31

Last update: 6 months ago


Read Red and MadLee Ye-joo, a lone female college student, has a secret. A special ability to leap over time beyond the unknown door! But the uncontrolled ability is just a curse, and what she faced one day after moving for as many as a thousand years was a mad world in which the absolute red-eyed ran wild. An unidentified man who causes earthquakes and lightning by beckoning only refers to her as a "timer" and makes her his target of extermination for that reason.In a hurry to survive and return to the past, she lies without even knowing what the meaning of "timer" is."Take me to the other humans and I'll tell you where to live!"The contractual relationship tied in exchange for the reserved death, but the man's back was stronger and warmer than expected.Is that why? She didn't plan it.I want to melt the frozen future"Not only do you live, but you've also created feelings that I don't know."An omnipotent obsession with a woman who was tied up in the future to avoid death, and a chasing romance that risked her life.