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Reincarnated Princess Loved by Scum

Maou to Odorou - Kuzudomo ni Aisareshi Tensei Oujo ; ι­”ηŽ‹γ¨θΈŠγ‚γ†ο½žγ‚―γ‚Ίγ©γ‚‚γ«ζ„›γ•γ‚Œγ—θ»’η”ŸηŽ‹ε₯³ο½ž ; My Second Life as a Jerk Magnet

Authors : yubuson

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Isekai , Romance , Shoujo , Supernatural

Chapters: 45

Last update: 2 months ago


Due to the scum men who ruined her life, the protagonist Kozue was granted "the ability to recognize scumbags" by G** and was reincarnated into another world. She is living her second life as Princess Christa. There, she dreams of being with a wonderful partner, but because of the sudden revival of the Demon King, things take a drastic turn. The King commands Christa to marry the "hero" who defeated the Demon King, but she discovers that her potential spouse is a scum. She decides to abandon her princess status and flee the castle since she doesn't want to be with a scum anymore.In the end, Christa is surrounded by a scum even after she reincarnated.Will she ever be able to find happiness