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Solo Spell Caster

나 홀로 주문 사용자 ; The Lone Spellcaster ; I Alone Cast Spells ; Na Hollo Jumun Sayongja ; 俺だけが呪文使い ; Я единственный, кто использует заклинания ; Ore Dake ga Jumon Tsukai ; L'incantatore solitario

Authors : Cheongcho

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Fantasy

Chapters: 139

Last update: 5 days ago


The ordinary salaryman Park Do-hyuk, finally got the awakening he had always wished for in a life or death situation! Unbelievably, the memories and experiences from the game he spent his entire life in his twenties playing became these powers of awakening! What's more, it was a 1 in a billion Triple Awakening'! The extraordinary player Park Do-hyuk's journey picks up now, as he aims to reach the world's peak. ** This will be the complete webtoon adaptation of the popular web novel by the author Cheongcho. **