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Star-Fostered Swordmaster

star fostered swordmaster, 별을 품은 소드마스터, fostered swordmaster, Star-fostered Swordman, star-embracing swordman, star embracing swordmaster; ; Star Embracing Swordmaste; Star-Embracing Swordmaster

Authors : Juno , Q10 , Hong Dae-Wui

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Webtoons

Chapters: 37

Last update: 5 days ago


A street urchin of the slums, Vlad aspired to be a Knight. After being struck down by a flash of black lightning, he begins to hear the voice. At the same time, the Knight of the Blue Moonlight suddenly appeared with a goal to destroy Vlad's world. The life of the backstreet boy had changed completely Even if it's not in the faraway night sky, Even if it may have fallen to a place no one could see, If it chooses to shine by itself, Then it must be a star.+