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Strange Caramel Ma

Strange Jiatang Ma, 焦糖玛奇怪

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Historical , Josei , Seinen , Shounen

Chapters: 16

Last update: 21 days ago


Read manhwa "Strange Caramel Ma" for free at Summary:Sealed for eight hundred years, the demon who unexpectedly regained his freedom just wanted to conquer the world, and the next second was struck by a series of thunderbolts. "I can't take a little girl?" "Boom!!" "It's me who is wrong, don't be angry, it hurts too much!" The poisonous tongue demon who is out of touch with the times vs. a cute demon hunter who doesn't talk much. What kind of bizarre plot direction will it turn?Alternative:Strange Jiatang Ma, What is mangabuddy?mangabuddy is currently the largest manhwa website with thousands of high-quality manhwa. Above all, readers can enjoy reading manhwa on mangabuddy without incurring any costs. If you love the manhwa "Strange Caramel Ma", don't forget to follow the !Wish you happy reading!