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The Counterattack of the Villain

Counterattack of the Baroness Counterattack of Villainous Duchess Counterattack of Villainous Noble Girl Fǎn Pài Nǚ Jué De Nì Xí The Counterattack of the Villain Villainous Dame's Counterattacks 反派女爵的逆袭

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Isekai , Reincarnation , Romance , Villainess

Chapters: 184

Last update: a month ago


As a loyal fan of "The Duchess of Duchess", Zhu Xue traveled to the book when she was accidentally drunk and traveled to the childhood of this vicious female character. This time, she not only wanted to "change evil and return to righteousness", she also wanted to cherish her brothers; reject the young duke; stay away from the crown prince and avoid all of them from chasing her, but she did not expect that the life experience of her and her brothers actually hides the great secret... Counterattack of the BaronessCounterattack of Villainous DuchessCounterattack of Villainous Noble GirlFn Pi N Ju De N XThe Counterattack of the VillainVillainous Dame's Counterattacks