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The Duchess' Secret Writing

공작 부인의 은밀한 집필 ; The Duchess' Secret Writings ; 公爵夫人的秘密执笔 ; Gongjang Buinui Eunmilhan Jippil


Phil, the author of the Empire's greatest imagination novel, *Return Night*, has gone into an the worst period in time. Elisha, who used to be a popular writer while hiding her identity under pressure from her family, she was forced to stop writing until she got married.The only way for her to wrap up the long-awaited last volume is if she finds a husband candidate who meets all her conditions. Meanwhile, Phil's year-round fan of *Return Night*, the Duke of Lessa, who was a big fan, was shocked. He tries his best to find out who the writer is. The biggest mission of life, the marriage problem, is painful. Two people who are perfect: "I need to find a spouse who will respect me." -TL by maellene