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The Giant Maid Puts You In Your Place ♥

わからせ♥巨娘メイドちゃん ; The Giant Maid Puts You in Your Place ♥ ; わからせ♥デカメイドちゃん; WAKARASE♥DEKAMAID-CHAN; The Giant Maid Puts You in Your Place ♥

Authors : Uru

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Slice of life

Chapters: 22

Last update: 3 months ago


A new maid, Elle, arrives at the mansion of Souta Kanari, a cynical little brat. Elle is a busty, beautiful and mild-mannered girl, but Souta is still scared of her. Because... Elle is over 3 meters tall! On top of that, she acts menacingly only towards Souta. Thinking back on it, Souta realized that he had bullied Elle when they were kids.... What if Elle's goal is to get revenge on Souta?The big-boned maid will make the twisted little boy understand with her big ass!This is a slightly naughty comedy about the difference in body size. What will be Souta's fate under this aggressive attack?