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The Heavenly Demon Will Give You a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Is Giving a Massage, 천마님 안마하신다

Authors : Lebistokki , Lee Seokjun

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Shounen

Chapters: 12

Last update: 16 days ago


Heaven-bound Heavenly Demon, once known as Kang Taehan, Returns to his original life after 60 years! "Ah, in such a blessed era, to be in this shape!" "Your body is screaming to be saved, haven't you heard?" The project to physically and mentally rejuvenate everyone, The journey of the Heavenly Demon Kang Taehan begins!! Weary office workers tired from alcohol and overtime, Athletes whose bodies are ruined and performance declined, Heads of families crushed by the weight of life, Modern people who have accumulated fat to withstand life's burdens. All you modern people who are weary of their life, come and get a massage!The Heavenly Demon Is Giving a Massage,