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THE Son of a Dragon! Mommy is a criminal

The Dragon Cub Is Coming! Mommy Is Fierce and Spicy, The Dragon Cubs Arrive! Mommy Is a Dragon,龙崽来袭!妈咪狠又辣

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 91

Last update: 2 days ago


Five years ago she left an egg, saying, This is the son I will give you, and when he grows up, it will be my time to return. A few months later, the son hatched with two shiny little dragon horns on his head, but she was nowhere to be seen. She disappeared for five years and he went mad for five years until the little dragon cub brought back a woman.. But the little dragon cub said, Dad, she saved me, I want to give her my life!. From then on, father and son engage in an open and dark battle for her favor.